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The Fishing!

The opportunities for fishing are extensive. You'll have Hector lake as a base camp, and six other lakes available to you via portages.

The species present in nearly all the lakes include: Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Large and Small Mouth Bass, There are Perch in the lakes but the other game fish keep their size on the small side.

Terri and I are rather lazy fishermen so we usually just back troll a spinner bait with a worm or leech. We catch all species using this method and we spend our time talking and watching the shore line for wild life. Son Joe enjoys pitching spoons, Joe will catch larger northerns this way and the number of fish he catches is always a debate on pumping iron vs. trolling at the end of the day.

We prefer live bait to artificial, but more avid fisherman are just as proficient with the artificial baits. The spinners we use are of the “little Joe” type, we do put these together at camp with 30# test line,beads,spinner and hook. Other lures we know to be productive are to mention a few are spoons ( dare devils,five of diamonds, red eyes, mepp's spinners with a buck tail etc.). The Rapalla line is always good. Coloring of lures is always is always a personal issue, but we like oranges, char trues, silver and any thing perch colored. Having some weedless tackle is always a good idea. Snap swivels , sinkers and leader are all important. It's not hard to see why fishermen have two tackle boxes with them one for inventory and one for in the boat.

License and possession limits: A seven day is is available at many locations in Canada. You'll need to pick up a license before you get on the plane to Hector lake. A normal license will give you a possession limit of 4 northerns, 4 walleyes, 4 (large and small) mouth bass and two lake trout. A conservation license is half the money and the possession limit is 2 northern, 2 walleye, 2 bass and 1 lake trout. There is no limit on perch The size limit are as follows: the northerns must be below 27 inches (our rule at Hector lake eliminates the one northern over 35 inches). The walleyes must be below 18 inches, you are allowed 1 over 18 inches. The bass season opens June 15th before this date you fish must be below 13 inches, after June 15th there is no size limit. There is no size limit on the trout or perch

Fishing Contest: We run a contest each year on the largest northern, walleye, and lake trout caught and released. The rules are simply we need a picture of the fish so we can verify length. You will be made aware of the standing of your fish after we have verified it's length. The winner of the contest will be awarded a free fishing trip for the following year. We run this completion to encourage the mind set towards catch and release. Letting that first one go to, breed, grow and multiply is tough, but once you think in through the rewards and satisfactions are huge.